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Are you looking for a new roommate or to sublet your apartment?

If you are looking for a roommate, you can submit your information so it can be posted on our website. 


If you are looking to assign your lease to another party, you can advertise your unit here as well!  Although we use the term "sublet", the actual term for the process that may be allowed by Ducks Property Management is called a lease assignment.  Keep in mind that all lease assignments are subject to property owner/agent approval.  In this option, you will advertise and exhibit your apartment, find a new tenant, and, upon approval, sign the appropriate paperwork to transfer your lease to another party.  This can be done if all tenants are vacating or if only one roommate is leaving.  The fee to write a new lease during your current lease period is $125.  You can arrange the transfer of your security deposit or you can collect your deposit from the new tenant that you line up.  


All new residents over age 18 must submit an application.  This is the FIRST STEP in getting a new roommate AND in assigning your lease to another part. 

Discrimination by race/origin, age, family status ('no kids' 'ideal for one'), disability, creed, sexual orientation, or income source is illegal under fair housing law. Describe premises, not people.