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Ducks Property Management offers full-service residential and commercial investment property management throughout Lane County and Salem, Oregon.  We are a small, women-owned company located in Eugene.  Both owners, Sarah Fulcer and Amanda Wooldridge, are graduates of the University of Oregon. 


Amanda Wooldridge, Class of '06                                     Sarah Fulcer, Class of '07

Amanda is an Oregon licensed real estate property manager.  She owns an investment property.  She is the mother of two daughters.  Amanda enjoys walking and bicycling.  She adores her Australian Cattle Dog, Sam. 

Sarah is co-owner and office manager.  She is a mother of five and grandmother of five.  She enjoys spending time with her husband, David, and dog, Max.

Ducks Property Management clients can expect the following services:


1.  Comprehensive market analysis – We will periodically conduct a survey of the rental market to determine rental rates for your property.


2.  Recommend rental and deposit rates.  We will prepare a recommendation of rental rates based on competition and your financial goals and needs.


3.  Advertising – We will list the property on various no-cost advertising venues (i.e. Craig’s List, etc.) and monitor and maintain these listings.  Your property will also be listed right here on Ducks’ Property Management’s website. Other advertising options are available at additional cost. 


4.  Prospective Tenant Screening – We will screen applicants as to commercial credit, court records (evictions, property management debt), criminal record and reference verification.


5.  Provide Rental Agreements and other legal forms – All of our forms meet legal requirements for the state of Oregon.  We also perform a complete inspection with photos when your new tenant moves in as to the condition of the property as well as fulfill legal requirements for security deposit refund and accounting to the tenant after move out.   


6.  We will coordinate vendors and perform cleaning and maintenance if needed for an additional charge.


7.  We will provide an accounting each month with check disbursement to the owner.


8.  Rent collection and court work – Your tenant pays their rent to us each month.  You never have to interact with them at all!  If your tenant does not pay their rent on-time, we will handle all appropriate court action for you whenever possible.  The property owner would pay court costs and attorney fees if required.


9.  Hablamos Español (We speak Spanish) – There is no language barrier for Ducks’ Property Management!


10.  Pay mortgage, taxes, utilities and other applicable monthly bills – All of the appropriate expenses associated with your investment property are paid from a Client Trust Account.  Your funds are never co-mingled with the funds of other properties or our business funds. 


11.  Perform periodic inspections – Your investment property will be inspected on a regular basis to insure that the tenants are keeping it in good repair.


12.  Government Subsidies – Our property managers are qualified to work with the various governmental rent subsidy programs including Section-8, Home TBA, and HUD.  The decision to rent to tenants with these programs is always made by the property owner.


13.  24-Hour on-call service – If there is a problem after hours, your tenants will call us directly and our on-call maintenance crews are available to address any emergency.


14.  Keep your investment property rented and profitable – Our goal is to minimize transition time between tenants and keep your property as profitable as possible.  We strive to find qualified, long-term tenants who will pay the rent on-time and keep your property in the best condition.  And remember, we don’t make any money unless you do! 



Standard Rate & Terms


Our standard rate is 10% of gross rents collected for single-family homes and duplexes.  The term of our contract is one year and can be terminated at that date with 30 days written advance notice by either party. 


Optional Services


There are many different ways to promote your property and other services that we can offer.  In most cases, these items would be billed at the actual rate.  For example, should the client choose to advertise the home in the Register Guard, the charge would be the actual costs of the advertising as determined by the Register Guard.


1.  Pay advertising – While we typically have good success with free advertising sources like Craig’s List, it may be necessary to advertise your property in other ways in order to find the most qualified tenant as quickly as possible.  Some options include Google, the Eugene Daily Emerald (newspaper for the University of Oregon, and the Register Guard.  


2.  Maintenance – The maintenance of your home is the responsibility of you, the property owner.  If you wish to remain “hands off”, we are happy to either coordinate vendors or provide maintenance for you as applicable.  If the maintenance is provided by an outside vendor, we either deduct the cost from the rent payment or you pay the actual invoice amount.  Our staff also includes service technicians who can provide nearly all of your maintenance needs at a very reasonable cost including emergency maintenance and 24-hours-a-day “on-call” service for your tenants. 


3.  Cleaning – We are happy to provide cleaning services after the tenants leave.  These charges can be coordinated through an outside vendor (charge unknown) or through our staff cleaners at a cost of $25/hour (costs subject to change with 30 days written notice).


Ducks’ Property Management offers comprehensive property management service for a reasonable fee.  We are motivated, experienced managers who always keep your interests at heart.  Thank you for considering our services!  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Client Reviews

"Duck's Property Management takes care of single home rental properties that we own. The staff always responds quickly to any issue raised by renters and are great at communicating specific needs for the property. They are professional, friendly and great to work with! Thank you especially Amanda and Sara!" Rev. Roberta Egli

"We, at Alpha Chi Omega, love Ducks Properties and could not open our sorority house for the Olympic Track and Field Trials without them. We have worked with them for several years and plan to continue for several more." Linda Shinamin

"Ducks Property Management handles a rental property for my church and we have had excellent service. Very happy with them!"    Kathy Cleland

"I have lived in Eugene for 4 years while going to UO and have rented from Bell real estate, Von Klein, and Ducks Property Management. It really makes a big difference who you rent from. Bell real estate was an awful, terrible company to rent from. As one example of many, on our scheduled move in day the house was not even cleaned, and the management told us that we should just go sleep on a friends couch or something for the night and basically told us to F off.
On the other hand, the people at Ducks Property management, specifically Amanda, would bend over backwards to help you with any problems you had. They would never try to take advantage of you like other rental companies in Eugene do. I lived at Student Manor when renting from DPM and while the appliances were outdated and the walls were a little thin (my only gripes), the rent was very affordable ($800) for a two bedroom that was one block from the student rec center. I would definitely recommend this rental company to any of my friends living in Eugene.
" Tom Wolken