1331 High St. Welcome Airbnb Guests

Welcome to my Lovely Apartment!

Parking: You may park your car either in front or in the back of the building.  There is no designated parking space.

Check Out:  11:00 AM on your final day.

Please empty your garbage to the dumpster and place all dirty towels in the bathtub.  You may remove the bedding except the mattress and pillow protectors and place in the tub as well.  Please wash your dishes and place them in the cabinets and remove your food from the refrigerator.  Thank you!


Network name: Airbnb High Guest

Password: Se4rY6GE


Guest High Airbnb

Password Se4rY6DP



The mailbox key is on a hook on the fridge. The mailbox is under the stairwell in the front of the building.  The garbage key is also on this hook and our garbage bin is the Big Blue Bin in the back. Please lock it when you’re done.

The gate is in the back of the apartments on the right side and gets you to: the rear parking, garbage bin and laundry room. The code is C1278 to the gate. Laundry room is code 4444. The gate and laundry room automatically lock when you enter or exit.

Heating & Cooling:

This unit has either ceiling heat or a Cadet heater is in (6A).  Thermostat is on the wall behind the TV. Please adjust the temperature slowly; do not turn it up multiple degrees all at once or you will get overheated.  It is best to set the heat at 68 degrees and adjust from there as needed.  For cooling, start the A/C unit at 76 degrees and drop it slowly up or down until comfortable; as recommended by the Dept of Energy.



 If you need anything, please send us a message through the Airbnb app.  If you have an emergency, call 541-607-3825.  This number is answered 24/7.  You will need to tell them that you have an emergency and then they will contact us by text or phone.  For police or medical assistance, please call 911.


Enjoy your stay and thank you for selecting our apartment

Janice & Amanda at Ducks Property Management